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shoeing a horse

Shoeing a horse

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The clatter of horse hooves is perceived by many people as a beautiful and romantic sound signs of distant days. And yet, shoeing horses pursues a very practical purpose far from the desire to give speed horse acoustic accompaniment.

Forging the hoof

When forging on the hoof of the horse is attached a horseshoe, designed to protect the Horny part of the hoof from excessive erasing, or cleavage, and soft tissues of the feet from traumatic injuries when walking or running on hard flooring.

There are also orthopedic and special forging, which pursue their own narrow goals. Orthopedic forging is a method of treatment of a damaged hoof or correct those that are congenital. Special — used in the races on the racecourses. With the latter made the necessary adjustments in the course of cross-country horses.

In winter the time taken to Shoe horses special studded horseshoes, which can improve the stability of the horse on slippery roads.

Forging should be carried out once a month and a half, while the owner and the farrier should understand the responsibility of the procedure, since incorrectly completed forging will cause disease of the horse.

For shoeing horse first hoof clear. Then put the prepared hoof horseshoe size. After this, you should give the horseshoe form, which will repeat the line of the hoof. And only a specially fitted Shoe can then be attached to the hoof using special horseshoe nails. At this stage Koval you need to be very careful, because the nails should not penetrate the horn of the hoof and should not be included in the soft tissue of the foot. Otherwise may occur lameness of the horse.

When carrying out forging use of the following tools: obsecro, forging hammer, forging tongs, hoof knife, hoof rasp, chopper, spikes wrench and paw. Alsecco remove the thumbscrews holding the old horseshoe. Forging tongs pull from the horn of the old horseshoe nails and bite off the unnecessary sprouts horns. A sharp hoof knife is designed to cut the horns and the rasp — for shaping the edges of the hoof. Cleaver is needed in case we have to deal with a very solid regrown hoof horn, it will help the Smith to chop off the horn. Spikes key will help to screw in the spikes, and the paw is designed to hold the horseshoe in the plane of the hoof.

We offer to Your attention a small movie Discovery about the creation of a horseshoe from scratch and shoeing horses.

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and should definitely conkouati horse
Ivan / 2017-03-03 07-43-10
In my opinion, as desired. If the horse walks primarily on a solid surface, it is desirable to Shoe, that the hoof was not doing well more than you.

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