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Slesvigske heavy draft breed

Slesvigske heavy draft breed

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Slesvigske draft (Schleswig Coldblood) is a breed of medium-sized draft horses. Slesvig withdrawn was withdrawn in the second half of the nineteenth century as a medium-sized draught horse. Place of origin: the Jutland Peninsula, in Northern Germany.

Today slesvigske heavy draft breed found mainly at the place of excretion in Northern Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein and in Lower Saxony. Slesvigske the Shire is largely identical to the Danish Jutland breed and the British Suffolk. Horses slesvigske breeds used in agriculture and forestry, and also for passenger coaches and wagons.

Шлезвигская тяжеловозная порода

Photo: Asmedia66 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Slesvigske heavy draft horse breed is stocky and compact. They largely resemble Jutland, and the Danish cart-horse, which historically are close of kin. Height at the withers is 158-163 see

Color: mainly red, rarely black or gray.

Body mass reaches 800 kg.

The breed was infusion from light breeds, including the Yorkshire post and a thoroughbred horse, but the infusion had no lasting effect. Popular in agriculture and forestry slesvigske heavy draft breed survived the first world war, although it suffered in the period of qualitative and quantitative losses.

Subsequent interbreeding with Breton and boulonnais breeds improved slesvig. They recovered after a military deterioration and was popular until the mid XX century. In the second half of the century, mechanization of agriculture and forestry of labor has reached a new level, from which the number of horses slesvigske heavy draft breed began to decrease. Today, it is slesvig to rebreed with representatives of the Jutland breed to increase size.

The breed is characterized by large and rough shape of head, kind eyes, a short neck with a comb, strong shoulders, a long body with good depth of chest, muscular body, short strong legs.

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