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swimming horses

Bathing horses

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A good way to set the mood some horses are swimming in a pond, lake or river.

Under the swim we will have a view summer only swimming when the water temperature is 20 degrees Celsius or higher.

Most of the horses and the riders, not averse to a dip in the heat of summer in a small pond. And really, juicy grass, the sun, the heat: what more could you want at such a time? Except that is to immerse your body in water and take a dip in the cool water.

It is believed that sports horses swimming brings only benefits, because it is the same tool a workout as running, with sparing of the legs of the horse (first — hoof from excessive destruction) and nerves.

Bathing horses is used any suitable natural pond or pool. Just would be nice if the bottom of the pond for swimming was smooth and not too sticky. Horses don’t like to totter with their feet entangled in underwater snags or wallow in the mud.

Swimming horses

How much time should bathe your horse? Of course, it is not necessary to completely replace bathing exercise as it did not want the animal or the rider. Good — in moderation! Do not bathe the excited horse, it can lead to colds animal. Also don’t bathe a horse that just ate tightly. Follow the health of the animal in the water. At the first suspicious signs of leg cramps, sneezing or cellania take a horse to shore and dry the animal. Many breeders like to spend bathing horses on a hot day twice, about 10-15 minutes. This is enough to enjoy the water and cool down.

Drying after bathing horses

Excess water from wet horses rounded carefully scraped with a scraper or edge of the palm. After that the horse should move easy unhurried pace until dry.

What to do if pond for swimming no? In this case, on a hot day, swimming is replaced by a dousing from a hose, buckets or regular garden watering. The main thing here is not to frighten the horse with a swift pressure of the water supplied.

We wish your horse all year round healthy and clean!

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