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the Air in the stables

The air in the stable

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As all horsemen know, manual handling skinning of the horse is quite dusty event. It does not matter if the yard — summer, and you brush the horse outside, for example, in the paddock. But what to do when winter came?

Воздух на конюшне

The thing is that when cleaning skins of horses in the air of fall it grows small dust particles, thereby contaminating all around. It’s okay if you can be cleaned outside the stables. But if you still on the calendar — a fierce winter, and your horse is outside the stall?

Cleaning indoors significantly degrades air quality, pollutes it. Dust, dander and dangerous bacteria are often the cause of various allergic and infectious respiratory diseases as working in the stables of both personnel and animals. The output is: stable to ventilate the room. But it’s not always convenient to run in the winter. Or even “it’s always uncomfortable…”

Another solution to clean is to buy a special cleaner from the stables. The research was conducted, they confirmed high efficiency: in the air of the stables after manual cleaning in one cubic meter contains twice as many harmful bacteria than before the treatment. And, at the same time, however, after vacuuming, bacteria in the room was two times smaller. Air purification was due to the overall filtering within the control room.

Take care of yourself, others and your Pets! Cystitis strictly on the street in a safe place or with a vacuum cleaner.

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