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the Australian breed

Australian breed

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On the Australian continent before colonization was not the horses. So all of today’s horses of this continent are descendants of introduced in the 18th and 19th century. Until now spores do not calm down which rocks were loaded in the ships of the explorers of Australia. As a rule, the opinions are inclined to believe that it was Arab or Berber horse. Also found info that it was a pure Spanish horse breed.

Австралийская порода

Photo from alchetron.com.

For the development of the mainland imported horses was not enough, but with every arriving ship, the situation improved. The vast internal distances of Australia required high speeds of movement, so the choice at delivery was given to upland species. Separately, you can mention the resulting interest of Australians to be ridden.

Imported horses have adapted to local conditions. Australian horse and the horse Waler (Waler horse) descended from similar roots, though today they are separate breeds. The ancestors of both breeds was used by the Australian army in the First World War and was characterized by extreme endurance.

However, the current Australian horse differs from horse Waler the fact that it is not that big. Walery were larger animals, as they had to carry the rider with the extra weight of weapons and a full backpack. Some of the most difficult animals were also required pull water carts and carriages.

The breed today

Today there are about 170 thousand registered Australian horses. The horse is used in various equestrian sports, as well as for pastoral farms.

Yes, today the horse can be replaced by technology. But the Australian horse still not interchangeable when driving on rough mountain terrain.

Australian horses are characterized by high endurance and good health. Their height at withers: 147-163 see Despite the fact that in the formation of the breed involved, and the Shire horse breed, bred in Australia, the horse remains a horse. It is still in force maximum prieblandoje to the terrain popular among Australian pastoralists.

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