The Best Online Horse Games

We have compiled the best online horse games on the PC for girls and boys, children and adults, in general, for everyone who loves these strong and graceful animals.


Star Stable is a cute Adventure with RPG elements and one of the most popular online horse games. And the horses here have all the colors, breeds and sizes. Moreover, you can also pump your favorite cloven-hoofed pet. Also, the game has a huge number of outfits for your character, which are either bought or received as a reward for performing tasks, so that to create a stylish image – no problem.

The main essence of the game is to be together with his horse to look for adventure, make different quests and participate in competitions – from quite ordinary races to intricate tasks that may seem strange to beginners.


This horse farm simulator offers players a real paradise for their four-legged friends. Choose from a variety of locations – you can own a classic American ranch, stables in a beautiful and tranquil corner of France, the picturesque valley of Germany and other countries.

Newly baked horse breeders and their friends will be able to breed the strongest and strongest breeds by crossing horses from each other’s stalls. So bring up future champions, who will take prize places in races and bring you awards. Naturally, horses need to be taken care of, and then they will be grateful and will reach the heights. You can play Horse Haven World Adventures on PC through Blue stacks emulator.


This game is interesting because it makes you feel like a horse. Imagine – in your lush mane plays the wind, hooves knock on the path, and you are rushing through the beautiful and mysterious forest to meet the adventures. It’s from this forest that you’ll start exploring a large, open world inhabited by horses.

Performing quests, you will raise your level, discovering new breeds of animals. Among them there are both real and mythical like unicorns and pegasuses. There are a lot of masks and bows in the game. In addition to quests, you will find races, various mini-games and other entertainment. Download Horse Paradise – My Dream Ranch from Steam.


It may seem that this game doesn’t fit into our TOP because of its genre, but we still decided to include it, because this funny platformed will definitely make you smile. There is no need to care for the horse, train it and look for fashionable clothes. The local horse is more interested in setting traps, running around walls and competing with her animal friends.

Each of the 15 levels can be passed by four people. In addition, you can create your own levels right during the game, experimenting with the environment and different objects. And all this happens under the merry soundtrack on the background of cartoon locations.


Legends of Equestria is not just a game about horses, but about those very novices from the animated series “My little pony”, so his fans should definitely take a look at this bright, cute and fabulously good world. It is populated by familiar races of ponies – earthly, unicorns and Pegasuses, and the game play is based on the performance of quests and studying locations. In the game you can meet key cartoon characters and even perform a couple of tasks for them.

The game is created by fans of the series without the permission of the right holder, but so far in the fairy tale adventure all calmly, and nothing will prevent you from exploring its vast expanses.


Horse Isle is a MMORPG browser about horses with warm lamp 2D-graphics, carefully drawn by hand. It is the simplicity of design and gameplay that makes this game extremely addictive.

In Horse Isle the player can find and tame a wild horse (some of them are unique) and explore the world with it, finding various items that can be used or sold in stores. You can earn a living for yourself and your horses by doing all sorts of quests that are generously scattered around the NPC gaming world.

Depending on the selected server for the game horse will either grow and die over time, or will be eternal. Like most browsers, you can play Horse Isle for free, and there is also a premium subscription, which opens up new opportunities, including the possibility to get a cozy house for yourself and a warm stall for your horse. The Russian version of the game does not exist yet.


Unlike most of our top games, which are far from realism, Riding Club Championships is a serious horse breeder’s simulator. The game has real equestrian disciplines and several competitive modes – you can compete with friends, random rivals or participate in the weekly championship.

The choice of horses, equipment and rider is quite wide, so the appearance of the men tees depends only on your taste. Of course, a horse will not be able to show good results if it is not properly cared for and given sufficient time for training.

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