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the care of the horse when tennikova content

The care of the horse when tennikova content

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In the winter, when horses most of the day are in their warm stables, they also need care: feeding, cleaning. In this article we will try to answer all the beginner questions: how fast but with the required quality, to carry out cleaning of the horse.

If your horse is in the stall, still from time to time you have to clean. In the stall the animal is going to bed, picks sometimes, for some reason the dirty parts. Why experienced riders every morning, conduct a little house cleaning. The duration and the depth of clearance horse depends on the degree of contamination.

Generally, in the morning, short cleaning usually include:

— clearing the hook of his horse;

— remove caked mud from the coat and brush for wet cleaning;

— wiping special soaked sponges areas of the eye, the nose, the tail of the animal;

— combing the mane and tail of horses.

If your horse is not entirely, but certain places of the body significantly soiled, it is recommended to still lengthen your morning cleaning. Rinse with water dirty parts and then wipe dry the hair in a separate towel.

So in conclusion we can say that when cleaning horses, special attention should be paid to the hock joints, knees, sides and belly: these places can have a deep penetration of dirt.

Morning clearing hoofs

Daily hoof of the horse and acquire clogged with wet earth, clay, small pieces of manure, stuck with the litter. Clogged with dirt the hoof don’t like neither the horse, nor the owners. Therefore, it is recommended each day to spend clearing of hooves against dirt.

How to perform a quick clearing? To do this ask the horse to give you his hoof and holding it in the air over a container, e.g., bucket or basin (but not above the litter), clean the hoof with a hook. Movement when brushing needs to be directed from the heel to the toe of the horse. If you like daily cleaning the hooves is a very important skill and experience. Try moving a sharp hook carefully, without damaging the arrow’s hoof. After the procedure on the hoof ends, repeat for all the remaining hooves.

Tips for cleaning horses

So your horse is not cold, try to keep it dry. Because after working with a wet brush make sure to clean the fur of an animal (all soaked pieces of skin) with a dry towel. To release the cold wet horse is dangerous for health!

Move the brush only in the direction of hair growth! The movement against the grain unpleasant for most horses.

Speedy cleaning of the animal helps to clean poverhnostyu dirt, but not cleans the pores of the skin. Because of the morning cleaning the horse a necessary but not sufficient for proper hygiene gutnogo.

Catalina cleaning horses

Regular thorough cleaning of the horse — the key to health and continued good communication of the horse and its owner. Thorough cleaning of wool involves the removal of dirt, sweat, dust, waste horse with animal skin, and massage muscles and primary veterinary inspection of the horse. When better to learn about the damage, severe insect bites, that appears, shreds, scrapes, abrasions, bumps, etc. on the animal’s skin, if not with regular brushing?

Thorough cleaning is best done outside, outside the stables.

How to conduct a proper cleaning? First remove any large dirt rubber or plastic comb. Better to start with the horse’s neck. Make a comb circular motion, moving from top to bottom.

After removal of large, poverkhnostnoi dirt, use a wet brush and wipe off any remaining dirt, sweat, dust from the wool of the horse. It may take some time. However, such movements with the brush all over my body (kind of massage) much like most horses. It is such a work horse will love you and crave your new cleaning and touching the skin every day!

After removal of dirt, sweat, go with a wool on the hoof. Remove them from all foreign bodies: earth, clay, gravel road, grass, broken branches stuck or adhering remnants of the litter. Inspect the arrow to the hoof. Pay particular attention to possible rotting of the hoof: it can be identified by the distinctive odor or visually. I guess you could say that cleaning the hooves of a horse are as important as important for human teeth cleaning. In case of detection of cracks and their development in time, use hoofed oil — it will help to strengthen the walls of the hoof and will not allow the cracks to develop.

In the care of the mane of a horse safesite her soft brush in the opposite direction from you. This will allow you to get to the roots of the hair of the mane, which usually accumulate fat.

When brushing the tail, stand to the side of the horse, not the rear, otherwise when you pull the brush-comb (for example, because of the knot in the lush tail) can get hit with their hind hooves. Easiest tail to comb, if it is the entire bundle is split into separate small sections of hair.

In the hot summer day you can try to wash the horse with irrigation water from a hose. However, not all horses love like the sink. In order to accustom the horse to the watering hose, try to spray with water first before animals. As soon as it ceases to cause fear and start sprinkling water on the hooves and legs. The horse must feel that there is no danger. If the horse normally takes the washing of the feet and hooves of a spray from the hose, it is possible to smoothly switch to wash the rest of the horse’s body.

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