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the Kazakh breed of horses

The Kazakh breed of horses

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Kazakh horse — horse breed, which is native to Kazakhstan. This is a local steppe breed that is still bred for its historical territory.

Казахская порода лошадей

The history of the breed

This is a very ancient breed that was bred in all sorts of apostasy: and as a horse, and as a sled, and as beasts of burden, and even as meat and dairy! In fact, this dog was bred naturally for many centuries. This breed has influenced other breeds, the Mongolian, the Arab, Akhal-Teke, the Caribbean, and later the English thoroughbred, Orlov Trotter and the don horse.

Under the influence of different climatic factors in Kazakhstan and the result of crossing the Turkmen, Mongolian, and North of the area with wild horses inside the Kazakh breeds were formed different ecological types and offspring (azievska horse, Jaba, and others).

Characteristic of the breed

Height at withers small: 138-145 cm

Adaev — red, white, Golden, brown; a small head, long neck, straight back, slightly sloped croup. Azievska horse — riding horse with an easy Constitution and lively temperament. Afraid of the harsh climatic conditions.

Jaba (pony) — dark Bay, Bay, dark red, grey (blue); small pony with the small and heavy head, the neck is short and muscular, compact body, straight shoulders, strong muscular legs, thick fur.


Representatives of the Kazakh breed of horses are unpretentious in food and housing, they are unable to live year-round on the street, but for Adaev it will be harder. JBA used to be in the most difficult conditions, so a warm stall for them may seem like a luxury. Kazakhs brave, intelligent, are extremely harmful, in some cases, feel the urge as much as possible to irritate the rider. With proper care, the Kazakh horse walk well as under saddle and in harness.

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