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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: GameInformer reveals a wealth of details about his world and dungeons

In just 23 days we will be touring the immense open world of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. There’s nothing left for us to see with our own hands what this new and awaited delivery for Wii U and Nintendo Switch will do to us.

Although in the last few weeks many details have been coming up on the net, now that the game is in the gold phase, that is to say, its development has finished, so rightly so. Thanks to the latest issue of the American magazine GameInformer, we have been able to learn a great deal about many aspects of the game.

Of course everything that you read next can contain spoilers, so if you are one of those who want to arrive on March 3 without knowing practically anything about this new Link adventure perhaps it is recommended that you close this tab. Otherwise, if you’re one of those who can’t take it anymore, then we invite you to read on below.

The creation of the open world and its possibilities

Because it’s a world so different from any we’ve seen in another title in the series, Nintendo had to think carefully about how to create it. To do that, on other occasions, it would take different areas and join them together. Instead, in order to bring this gigantic map to life, he first decided what had to be placed in each area and then selected 300 developers and formed groups to work on specific sections.

In the demo they had the opportunity to play they started in a place called Serenne Stable, which belongs to a character called Yammo. Here Link will have the option of using a bed to rest, something we haven’t seen in any other game in the saga. Lying on Link’s bed will bring you back to life, but you can also pay for a more comfortable bed that will give you extra yellow hearts that will disappear if you are hit in combat.

The stables will also serve to give shelter to the horses that we are obtaining, pending to find out if this will have anything to do with how to get Epona, the well-known mare of Link, whose presence was confirmed days ago. Each stable will belong to a different character and will be spread all over the world. In addition, there will also be merchants in them, such as Terry, and other characters with whom you will be able to interact.

One thing we already knew is that in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ we will witness a cycle of day and night. To make time go faster we can create a campfire. On the other hand, there will be times when the weather changes, causing results that will affect the world, such as the fact that there won’t be any characters outdoors if it starts raining.

As if that wasn’t enough, the rains could produce storms with which special care will have to be taken, since the rays that fall from the sky will be able to kill Link, something that will be easier to happen if he carries some piece of metal, either weapons or shields, although they can also be thrown at enemies.

Regarding the difficulty will vary depending on where the player is, with more complicated areas than others to which you can return later when you are stronger. During the trip more than 100 sanctuaries will be visited and there will be an object that will allow to identify them, which will cause that they become a point of rapid transport. Spiritual orbs will also be hidden in the sanctuaries and will be used to exchange them for unknown objects.

Horses will be of great importance, since, as we have previously indicated, several can be held at the same time. It will be important to take care of them and show them affection and loyalty, as these actions will lead to an increase in their statistics. However, we will have to be careful with enemies as we travel the world on their backs, because our adversaries will be able to kill them.

As for Link’s statistics, his energy meter will be reduced every time he runs, glides through the sky, or climbs mountains. However, this meter can be improved in some way that has not been revealed so far. Our protagonist will also be able to use his shield to surf with him or chop rocks that will be sold in exchange for rupees or to create other materials. so that nobody gets lost by the map there will be more than a hundred symbols available, including swords, shields, bows, stars, chests, etc., that will be placed to mark areas of interest, like any in which there is a special weapon. These, for example, will have different styles of animation, but there won’t be one that makes us invincible.

And Zelda could not be absent among all these details. Nintendo says he was the hardest-to-design character. The other great protagonist of the adventure will be able to get angry with Link and scold him and from what we’ve seen so far it seems that his appearance will be more relevant than in other deliveries.

Dungeons and their changes to keep in mind

The dungeons are a must in any ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Breath of the Wild’ is no exception. The one GameInformer played in was constant motion, being able to manipulate it with a great mechanism with which players will have to use their ingenuity to do so.

The dungeons at no time will have a linear follow up and there will be the option to complete them or jump them, depending on what each one wants, to go straight to the fight against Ganon.

Returning to the dungeon, it will be covered by a kind of evil substance that will damage Link if he touches it. Luckily it can be destroyed, although it will be necessary to find and attack the eyes that cover it. And in case someone misses the Seikah Whiteboard, it will serve as a map and also as binoculars, among other options.

One of the most characteristic is that the board will allow to visualize a 3D model of the dungeon map. Thanks to this opportunity it will be possible to move blocks and place them in other parts to open new roads that are not accessible in any other way. At the same time, there will be a voice that will indicate to Link that he must accede to some terminals that are distributed by all the dungeon and marked in the map.

What is missing is that apparently in the dungeons, or at least in this one, there are no chests with their characteristic saga music, just as there are no important objects or the mythical witch. At least the dungeons will be easier to overcome.

But what would a dungeon be without its corresponding final boss? In the case of this one that played GameInformer the main enemy that had to be defeated is one called Wind Blight Ganon, a part of Ganon itself that is a giant faceless beast and uses a gun-shaped weapon to attack, with which it is able to create tornadoes and shoot projectiles.

As you can see, it’s been an enormous amount of information that’s come to light, but there’s still plenty of detail to be known and discovered, something that will be possible from 3 March when ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ goes on sale worldwide for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.