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the riding horse breed: old Flemish breed

The riding horse breed: old Flemish breed

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An old Flemish breed of horses — the oldest breed of draught horses, bred in lower Belgium (coastal plains rising to above sea level to 100 meters, which is located in the North-West of the country).

An old Flemish breed is a large, massive horse phlegmatic temperament, suitable for dray work. Weighs 1 ton (sometimes more), the suit, mostly the gray and roan.

Animals of this breed are raised under intensive feeding watery food, almost locked up, without any movement, so the horse is posed as if for fattening. This regime applies equally to both foals and adult horses. The result of the horse grow clumsy, but at two years old, fit for dray work.

The old Flemish horse was used for the formation of other species, in particular, English draft horses.

For old Flemish breed is characterized by a small head, thick neck, short and low withers, wide, muscular rump, forked, short, rich in muscles of the leg. The placing of the feet and movement often vicious, the gaits tend to “bear course”.

Displaced Brabant, very similar, but a more perfect breed.

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