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Lean horse

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If your horse is lethargic while losing weight, it is worth considering what is wrong with her. Concern for the welfare of the horse involves maintaining its condition. For this you need to understand what happened to the animals, to eradicate the very cause of weight loss.

Худая лошадь

Let’s look at what and how much the horse eats. Does the diet of the horse’s caloric needs?

The quality of the animal feed? Was there perehod on new hay at the beginning of the weight loss? Sufficient quantity of forage issued to horses?

A horse kept in the paddock or on pasture? What is the quality of a paddock where your horse grazes? Check yourself: what from a distance looks like green may be contaminated with manure or already much exhausted, damn field? Given to to pasture in addition to the grass hay? Does the horse hay in the paddock?

Is the horse drinking water? Do horses drink? If there is always available water is a suitable temperature? Do you regularly clean water tanks? Contaminated water unpleasant for drinking a lot of horses.

If there are any problems with the jaw teeth?

I can pretty girl on deworming? Often is, what are the results of the stool, whether the rotation of drugs?

Let’s see if social trowel in the team during the feed: do let a horse to the trough?

Illness like chronic bronchitis increase the need for food. Don’t sore your horse?

Is there any accumulation of sand in the gut that affect absorption of nutrients? It is possible to estimate manure.

Whether the animal has a permanent limp and pain? This causes stress and additional energy consumption.

Perhaps in the habitat of Losada full of insects, it also causes stress and requires additional energy consumption.

Pay attention to the emerging threat vices (biting, General pitching, whirling inside the stables, in the stall)?

It is possible that the horse recently moved to a new stable. This too can lead to stress and weight loss.

Primarily taken to check the standard causes of loss weight horses: parasites, as chewing of the jaw, matching the animal’s diet to the actual needs, group dynamics horses around. This is the most common likelihood the weight loss loshadi. But if it’s all clear, you should look for among the other, more rare causes.

For more rare reasons include: enterocolitis, enteralite, diseases of internal organs — heart, kidneys, liver, tumors, Lyme disease, etc. Veterinary inspection of the horse losing weight include: inspection for lameness, stomach ulcers, rectal examination, abdominal ultrasound, blood tests (especially for very thin, the age, suddenly emaciated, ailing), as well as the diagnosis of the endocrine system. The last reason, of course, more complex and expensive. So it makes sense to regularly and carefully osmatrivayut horse on the subject of all sorts of ailments.

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