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Wash horse shampoo

Wash the horse with shampoo

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Any Shoe the horse can’t be successful if it is uncomfortable for the animal. Therefore, the task of the owner is to do everything possible to satisfy the needs of the horse. If the reservoir can lead a horse to swim. But if the pond there, the suit and rinse with a hose.

Мойка лошади шампунем

When washing the animal with water from a hose pobespokoytes that the water flowed sufficient temperature. Cold water can cause discomfort and rejection from washing. During the procedure it is better to use adjustable spray nozzle: variable water pressure you hygiene procedures will deliver the horse at least concern.

Now about the shampoo. Some shampoos for horses are made very concentrated (which, of course, reported on the packaging or in the instructions for use). These shampoos are intended for dilution in a large volume of water. When washing wool horse shampoo do not hesitate to create a lot of foam. How to do it? Use a special mitten for washing wool horses. It will allow you to better clean the hair and skin of the horse.

The average horse does not like when her shampoo and RUB rukavichki. Yes and generally this is not necessary: not the same degree of contamination. But carefully about once a week to wipe the face with a damp sponge or rag still stands.

After you have applied shampoo to the coat of the horse, for hygienic purposes it is worth to wait fifteen minutes. All this time your horse should not tumble in the dust, rubbing against the pillars, walls, etc. Shampoo should work! In the presence of fleas or various other blood-sucking insects in the coat for 10-15 minutes all the parasites suffocated, and after washed with water. A very important quality to wash away the foam. The remaining were nesmytogo soap will dry the skin and can cause itching and dandruff, hair horses fade. To the horse hair after washing should not be soap, use a scraper to remove excess water. If you still notice soap bubbles on a horse, just rinse the wool again.

Repeat rinsing until then, until leaving water is clean.

How to dry a horse after cleaning

How to dry a horse in emergency conditions, as we wrote earlier. Now let’s talk about the drying of wool after daily washing.

To dry the animal just leave the horse in the sun and a light breeze. As a rule, the horse is washed immediately after swimming why do you want to wallow in dust and dirt, which of course negates all your hygiene efforts. And new mud patches were formed not horses, can be applied on wet coat special formulations-sprays after washing.

To be honest: as a rule, the animal does not need frequent bathing with shampoo. In most cases, the dirt and sweat of the horse can be removed simply with water and a brush. The whole point of the degree of pollution and frequency of washing. Of course, if possible, take the horse swimming at the pool.

Follow the hygiene of your horse and its coat to its natural Shine will please you more often!

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