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What happens with horses in Red Dead Redemption 2

There’s a crossroads in Red Dead Redemption 2 that makes horses burn.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great game, no doubt, but no matter how hard the Rock star development team has worked for years to polish everything to the max, it’s understandable that in a title of these characteristics and dimensions some bug or other has crept in. In this case, there is a cursed crossroads capable of making the horses that pass through it burn.

Watching the following video, it’s as if at that point on the map there was an invisible fire that no one can see, neither the NPCs nor us, and that causes the horses to spontaneously combust as they enter. Here you can see it:

There are more videos from other users who have also fallen into this particularly rugged involuntary trap with no idea what was going to happen.

The area in particular, as you can see in the videos, is a crossroads of three roads that are located between Rhodes and South field Flats. We leave the point marked in the following image so that you can avoid it and not end up with your horse in flames. Or if you want to approach keeping a safe distance and see how others are falling. I’d say it’s cruel if it wasn’t because they’re just polygons (we don’t wish any animal harm, of course):

Red Dead Online creates confusion among its players when hundreds of dead horses appear in points of the map

This particular horror story begins with the numerous glitches and bugs that have made villages and horses disappear from the Red Dead Online map. A strange problem, but moderately understandable, that has given rise to another much more terrifying and inexplicable.

And it is that, as several users have reported, and we can see in the following video, these absent horses have begun to appear in certain points of the map dead and stacked as sacks of potatoes.

A fact that becomes even rarer when examining the bodies of the equines and verifying that they seem to have been burnt in some way before being deposited in the open air, thus creating a landscape that is at least disturbing.

Rock star claims that this has been nothing more than an error that has already been resolved, but considering that the horses are red and appear dead – let’s not forget the title of the game – several people have begun to elaborate complicated theories about what may be going on and why the study doesn’t want to tell us all about the satanic rituals they are clearly carrying out in the game code.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will include more than 200 species that we will be able to hunt and fish and as many horses to tame.

In the last few days Rock star has gone from providing information from ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ with dropper to offering a lot of information about its main characters and also about the borders, cities and towns that we will visit. This time he wanted to show how alive the world of the game will be by communicating new details of the animals that will inhabit it.

There will be so many wild animals racing around the game map that we will come across more than 200 species that the company promises will behave in a unique way. So there will be deer, bison, geese, rodents, bears, fish and many other animals that will be part of a complex ecosystem.

This will mean that they themselves will sometimes fight each other for their place in the food chain. In short, all of them will be able to hunt or fish for new food, materials and to be a way of obtaining more money. However, it must always be made sure to do so in a quiet or clean way or else the product will lose quality.

This will force the players to have to use the right bait, the perfect place to shoot or choose the right caliber with respect to the animal we are going to hunt. Once this step has been completed, the animal can be quartered to get food or furs or take it whole to sell, although in this case you will have to be careful with the scavengers who will try to get it.

Finally, in this new delivery we will be able to climb on the back of 19 different horse breeds, each with its own characteristics. The way to obtain any of them will be to buy them in the stables, capture them in their wild state or resort to other not so licit methods. In any case, the horse will be our travelling companion and someone who will have to be taken care of at all times.

In this way, we must ensure that he is always well prepared and nourished to improve his endurance and the bond that binds him to us. In addition, you can modify your saddle, stirrups or spurs, for example, to get a unique horse and thus feel that it is ours and different from others.

Accompanying these lines you can see some new images of all these details that serve to reaffirm the splendid work that Rock star is doing with ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ and especially to make us even more eager to arrive in Xbox One and PS4.