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When ordinary horse future horse owner seems to be too high, and pony low (especially if he is Shetland), you should look to the Klepper. The Klepper called a cross between a Shetland pony and normal, classic horse. Usually used for crossing the Altai and Bashkir Mare, although sometimes undertake and trotters.

Klepper with rider

Klepper received his character and the exterior of the horse from the mother and from the father-a pony he got a small increase, simplicity in content, thick winter coat and is very durable hooves. It is known that Shetland ponies, being essentially a small mountain horses have a solid hoof horn that don’t even require shoeing.

Initially, the term “clapper” refers to the horses of small stature (140 cm at the withers). Klepper was characterized by a coarse physique, stamina and a good trot. Larger horses were called “popperklopper” — that is, one who is twice the Klepper. Over time, the name “clapper” is entrenched not only for any belkarolin the rysachok, but for a cross between horse with a pony. Although the Estonian Klepper as a breed still exists, but the word “clapper” has already become a household word and is now used to denote a small horse, descended from a pony and a horse.

An adult with an average height of 180 cm will, of course, uncomfortable to ride on the Klepper, but most of the animals are hardy enough for that. Klepper universal: if uncomfortable to ride, the summer it can be harnessed into the cart, and in winter, respectively, in the sled. The Klepper as a pony, you can keep in a private home — not only for personal pleasure, but to assist in the household: a cart with firewood (or a refrigerator from the store) to bring the vegetable garden to plow. Besides, usually Klepper at purchase cost less the present Shetland. Although the feed will of course need more, but not much. The content of slippery as unpretentious as a pony.

As to the health of Klepper, the breeders think “iron” because clapper is essentially a hybrid between the breeds, and they always have is “heterosis” — “significant enhancement of all functions of life and increase life expectancy”. Want a loyal friend for life — look to the Klepper.

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Where such a common misconception? Klepper – a separate breed of local Estonian horses.


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