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Winter cleaning horses

Winter Shoe horses

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Any horse requires a hygienic cleanliness at any time of the year, including in winter. This is especially important for a truly white, white horses. How to achieve this?

Зимняя чистка лошади

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning

Yes, the horse does not save on time spent cleaning horses — do it as often as possible. White feet and markings on the fur jivotnogo is known to require more efforts, otherwise they the extent of pollution will turn into yellow spots.

Daily brush your horse. Thus, you will not allow soiled areas to grow, to become ingrained with dirt. In the winter in Russia is swimming in the water impossible. Just like watering with a hose and buckets. Therefore, in the process of cleaning the animal skin, it is recommended to use the so-called “dry shampoos” and special means to remove stains. For cleaning you’ll need to apply a special solution — a spray — on stain and RUB the skin with a towel. Also you can wash the stain with a sponge and remove the remaining moisture with a cloth rag.

“Stubborn” stains on the tail may require a few sessions of whitening shampoo. If your horse turned purple, do not panic. Try to wash it with regular shampoo.

For the white horses have developed a special whitening shampoo. This tool will be the best friend for discerning horse owners who want to see your horse’s natural white. Before cleaning, read the user manual to the medium. Some whitening shampoos need to be left on the hair, not washing. In order to avoid changing the color of the skin, for example, the acquisition of purple hue, you need to use these shampoos strictly in accordance with the instructions for the composition.

Be attentive to your horse, brush it as needed. Not only does this increase visual appeal, improves hygiene, but also improves contact between the owner and the pet.

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